Hold $ClubMTV
earn MTV.

ClubMTV is the first and only crypto that rewards you with MultiVAC ($MTV). When MultiVAC’s ultrafast and secure infrastructure is ready, we will launch ClubMTV on MultiVAC, along with our own NFT Marketplace!

The ClubMTV team is comprised of enthusiastic MTV investors with the right experience for this initiative. We are confident that MTV is an undervalued 50-100x gem. To highlight the benefits of MultiVAC MTV, we're launching ClubMTV on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) this month!



Redistribution in MTV

10% of every sell and 7% of every buy transaction is taken and redistributed to all holders in MultiVAC MTV.

Auto liquidity

2% of every transaction is automatically added to the liquidity pool.

Lottery Treasury

1% of every sell transaction is automatically added to the lottery giveaway treasury. Once a week, one lucky winner will win it all!

Huge marketing

3% of every transaction is automatically added to the marketing budget.

Cross chain

ClubMTV will be the first reward token on MultiVAC's ultra fast and secure blockchain

NFT marketplace

ClubMTV will launch its own NFT marketplace on MultiVAC blockchain, when the infrastructure is ready


Setup Phase - Q4
  • Website launched ✅
  • 250+ Telegram members ✅
  • (Re)design website & finishing designs Dashboard and NFT ⏳
  • Development of BSC Smart Contract ⏳
  • Marketing & influencer push
  • Audit + KYC by TechRate and DesertSwap
  • Complete private sale⏳
Launch phase - Q4 Stage II
  • 1000+ Telegram members
  • Giveaway contests
  • Complete whitelisted presale
  • More marketing & Influencer push
  • PooCoin ads
  • Launch ClubMTV on BSC
Q1 2022 - Growth phase
  • 5000+ Telegram members
  • ClubMTV Dashboard
  • Launch ClubMTV on MultiVAC
  • CEX listings
  • Big marketing & Influencer push